We have an excellent. efficient and friendly office staff who can help you to do all your official work systematically and completely. The students are warmed about various academic and extra curricular competitions held in the state‘and national level either personally or through display boards.
The faculty has impressive educational background and teaching qualification. The success of the college lies in its tremendous accessibility and commitment to teaching. The staff apart from teaching also engages the students in various activities which challenge them to express their thoughts and opinions. Thus helping the overall development of the students
The college Library is the main source of books, periodicals and other study materials for all students during their course. You will also find previous exam papers, time tables, maps and other useful reference materials. The Library will not empty be a collection of books, periodicals, journals Indian and International, electronic database and people.
Whatever your chosen area of specialization, computing skills will be as asset in your future career, in recognition of this the institute has invested and will continue to invest in the sate-of-the-art computing facilities complete with INTENET and MULTIMEDIA facilities.

All machines presently are i3 based and connected over a LAN. You will have access to a variety of mainstream PC Software, Including industry standard application packages, growing range of windows software, discipline specific software, and a host of other software for all courses.

The Lab is well equipped with up-to-date apparatus including Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Micro Processor Kits 8085, Dual Ponier Supplies, Function Generators, Junction diodes Kits Spectrometer (High
Grade), Travelling Microscope, Sodium Vapor Lamp, Transformer, Reading telescope etc.
This Lab is also spacious and well-ventilated with up-to date instruments including Quartz Water distillation Unit, Auto Clave, Hot air, oven M/P, Incubator, BOD incubator, UV-VlS spectro photometer, Ph Meter, Electro Phoretic Unit etc.
An excellent Lab, spacious and well ventilated. The lab has the latest apparatus including analytical balance, Kipp’s Apparatus Refrigerators etc.

The student are also provided With well equipped Microbiology, Genetics, Botany and Zoology Labs.

Transport facility from the College on all working days is available on request to the students from various specified points along the fixed routes only. The current bus route and bus fare particulars are available at the office. The management reserves the right to restructure the bus routes and bus fare from time to time, according to the need.